A decision making framework to develop and manage seaweed farms in the Pacific

Phase one of this project will cover scoping and consultation in Solomon Islands with principle stakeholder Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and other relevant agencies.

The overall aim of this programme is to undertake research that will identify ecologically, economically and socially sustainable locations for the expansion of seaweed farming in Solomon Islands. In carrying out this work, we will be directly addressing three of the recommendations of the MRAG Asia Pacificreport on the expansion of Solomon Island seaweed farming. These are: 1) to census existing seaweed farms, 2) to develop methods to identify new farming locations, and 3) to develop a GIS system that locates ideal farm locations and boundaries

Project Team

Associate Professor Lindsey White

Prof Richard Walter, University of Otago

Dr. Daniel Breen

Dr. Armagan Sabetian

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