Research Team: Cath Conn, Radilaite Cammock, Losi Sa’uLilo, Laurent Antonczak, Gloria Faesen Kloet, Phillipa Smith

Pacific Food Systems: A Policy Review

Authors: Conn C, Cammock R, Ford K, Faesen Kloet G

This policy review applies a food systems approach to analysing Non Communicable Disease (NCD) policy developments in the Pacific region. The report includes a detailed explanation of a food systems approach and highlights the imperative for useful analysis of the complexity of the problem of dietary change in the Pacific. The three domains of policy which impact upon diets in the Pacific of food production, climate change and sustainability, and trade are also examined. These interlocking domains each contribute to the overall picture of diet in the Pacific and this review seeks to draw together research from a variety of different disciplines and sectors which are not always closely associated with public health.

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