Research Team: Mary Anne Teariki, Ramona Tiatia, Ian Shearer, Philippa Howden – Chapman

Technical Expert Team: Mark Apperley, Suzanna Tiapula, Antoine Bittar , Yung Sung , Dianne Sika – Paotonu , Mino Cleverly

The Small Island Developing States (SIDs) of the Pacific are undergoing significant change as they seek to become more sustainable and resilient to risks from natural disasters and the effects of climate change. Interviews from a diverse group of stakeholders in both countries reveals that renewable energy sources are considered as providing a significant number of benefits, particularly for poorer households in more remote locations.

This report identifies the wide scope of the concept of resilience and the complex inter – linkages between social, economic, and environmental systems. It suggests a small number of renewable energy initiatives that have the potential to improve sustainable development and resilience in Kiribati and Samoa.

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