Research Team: Mercy Ah Sui-Maliko, David Tombs, Melanie Beres, Caroline Blyth, Ramona Boodoosingh, Tess Patterson

Church membership in Samoa is exceptionally high and community leadership of churches in society is widely recognised. The churches in Samoa have enormous potential capacity to contribute proactively to social well-being. This research advocates for biblical and faith-based approaches to promote social change in Samoa.

This research promotes the use of biblical texts as a response to gender-based violence (GBV). This research positions GBV as a concern for churches and offers generative resources to support discussion of ways in which churches might take leadership as part of the solution.

This research report ‘Church Responses to Gender-Based Violence Against Women in Samoa’ is in three main sections. The first section case-studies two group bible studies developed and piloted during the project to promote a deeper discussion on violence against women (VAW). The bible studies are available in both English and Samoan as a downloadable resource. The second section offers a background briefing on VAW in Samoa with particular attention to the challenges it raises for churches. The third section, emerging from the project conference in Auckland on 11 June 2018, discusses the creative approach adopted by Mercy Ah Siu Maliko in the research.

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Tackling Gender-Based Violence in Samoa and the Pacific

Tatala le ta’ui a le Atua: Rolling Out the Fine Mat of Scripture

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