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The New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research is a national institute to promote and support excellence in Pacific Research. A collaboration between the University of Auckland, Otago University and the Auckland University of Technology the NZIPR includes New Zealand’s leading research universities and also includes New Zealand’s largest networks of Pacific researchers.

Research projects

Labour Markets for Sustainable Economic Development

This NZIPR project analyses labour markets and the skills needed to underpin sustainable economic development.

Land and Development

This project explores the challenges and opportunities presented by land and the desire to expand commercial development and opportunities in the Pacific.

Private Sector Investment in the Pacific

Analysis of drivers and barriers for private investment; benefits of private investment.

Te Ang Maitoro - Cooling Kiribati and Samoa

Analysis of drivers and barriers for private investment; benefits of private investment.

Promoting Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development

Analysis of drivers and barriers for private investment; benefits of private investment.


NZIPR Oceans & Islands Conference, Pacific people are relational people

Through an academic exchange arrangement between the New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research (NZIPR) and the PNG APEC Study Centre, I had the opportunity to present my research at the NZIPR Oceans & Islands Conference held at the University of Auckland on 29-30 November 2018. My research paper titled ‘Accessing secure customary land for commercial opportunities in Papua New Guinea’ was amongst other research papers presented under the theme of ‘Pacific environments and extractive industries: managing land and natural resources’.

Promoting Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Pacific

This project has investigated the potential and constraints to developing cultural heritage tourism opportunities as a pathway for sustainable development for local communities in the Pacific. Two case studies were selected: Samoa and Madang, Papua New Guinea (PNG). A...

Thank you for another year with NZIPR!

We are extremely proud to be wrapping up another successful year at the New Zealand Institute for Pacific Research. Last month we hosted over 120 delegates and fantastic keynote speakers from around the Pacific region at the Oceans and Islands 2018 conference. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to making our first conference a memorable experience. You can view our live tweets from the conference and some images from each day here.

Oceans and Islands – highlights from the conference for Pacific research


Pacific Women in Vanilla

Vanilla has emerged as a gender-neutral agricultural product with implications for social development in the Pacific Islands. Traditionally women have faced gender-based constraints to participation in agricultural value chains, however, women today are taking an active role in vanilla farming.

Pasifika Mental Health in Aotearoa

The first phase of the research conducted by Sarah Kapeli (PhD candidate at the University of Auckland) includes a survey, exploring Pacific understandings of mental health – titled ‘Pasifika Mental Health in Aotearoa’.

The Solomon Islands National Ocean Planning Spatial Information System (SINOPSIS)

The Solomon Islands include some of the most unique and beautiful ecosystems in the world but economic opportunities are limited and are often associated with environmental impacts.   The Solomons are the second largest archipelago in the South Pacific with over 992 islands, and a landmass of 28,000km2 spread over 2 million square kilometres of ocean.  It is home to a population of nearly 600,000 Melanesians,  Polynesians, Micronesians and people from other backgrounds.

Latest Publications

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