Pacific Digital Research Repository

The New Zealand institute for Pacific Research are establishing a Pacific Digital Research Repository as a scholarly commons and database for Pacific research.

The repository will play a key role in disseminating information on behalf of the Institute, and helping to publicise its research.

The members of the NZIPR consortium – Otago University, AUT and Auckland University will bring their substantial library, archival, and ICT resources to enable the collection, collation, and dissemination of research data and outputs via the repository.

The repository will collate digitised documents, government records, research reports, theses and dissertations. They will be accessible on line via the NZIPR portal, with links to and from our Pacific partners, making for easy access to Pacific research. The commons will be linked to points of public and community engagement such as the Pacific Media Centre, which will publicise the research programme and help to disseminate the work of the Institute’s researchers though its extensive networks

We are currently developing the infrastructure necessary to underpin the repository. It will be developed in stages and we plan for the first stage to go live by mid-2017.