• Fiji needs better urban planning to reduce climate change impact, says researcher
    29 April 2017
    The effects of climate change on vulnerable areas throughout Fiji could be reduced if the island nation adopts several more land planning measures, says a local researcher. These involve “hard measures” such as sea walls and “soft measures” such as ensuring compliance with building regulations. In urban areas they need hard structures — they need sea walls because we cannot do soft measures in those areas. For rural area settings, there is still room for relocation and retreat. We can apply soft measures there.
  • Climate change key focus of EU ‘case for the Pacific’ roundtable
    24 April 2017
    Climate change is the central focus of the European Union’s continuing relationship with the Pacific. The Contontou Agreement embodies this, the most comprehensive partnership between developing countries and the EU.
  • Labour Mobility in the Pacific: A Systematic Literature Review of Development Impacts
    14 March 2017
    This systematic literature review (SLR) asks what the studies individually and collectively reveal about the economic and social value of labour mobility schemes and in particular their impact in the Pacific. It also offers updated information and a familiar analytical framework for Pacific governments to develop the appropriate labour market policies for their sustainable economic development.
  • Pacific ‘cyberbullying’, PNG student protests, ‘free’ media featured in PJR
    31 January 2017
    Student protests at the University of Papua New Guinea that led to police opening fire on a peaceful crowd last year, Australian journalism training in the Solomon Islands, “cyberbullying” in Fiji, independent campus media, and Radio New Zealand International’s reporting of the Pacific are among topics featured in the latest edition of Pacific Journalism Review.
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds in Pacific Island Nations
    09 November 2016
    Today the NZIPR launched two reports on Pacific Sovereign Wealth Funds, discussing insights and lessons from the Pacific Islands experience of Sovereign Wealth Funds, which will be of interest to other small economies, especially considering their role in areas such as the Caribbean, and to the wider Sovereign Funds research community.
  • Response to "Labour mobility and the workers"
    26 August 2016
    A response by Professor Stephen Howes to Associate Professor Yvonne Underhill-Sem's post "Labour mobility and the workers: beyond stock answers".
  • Labour mobility and the workers: beyond stock answers
    16 August 2016
    Returning home from a days work in a kiwifruit cooling house, five men were instantly killed when when their car was hit side-on by an empty logging truck. They had no chance of surviving.
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